Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust?

One of the great problems with the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is that the projections of computer climate models bear absolutely no resemblance to the factual observations of the real world. Alarmists try to obscure this inconvenient truth while spinning their fabricated tales of impending catastrophe.

The amount of warming predicted by these computer models overstates the actual observations found in the atmosphere by a factor of 3. Greenhouse theory requires the atmosphere to warm at a much higher rate than the earth’s surface. This critical signal has not been validated in the observed data. Warmers tried to blame these shortcomings on the failures of satellites to demonstrate the same levels of warming as surface-based measurements. Even after both satellite measuring systems (UAH and RSS) reconciled their data with one another, dramatic differences with the surface remained. Instead of the atmosphere warming at a rate at least 30% greater than the surface, it is warming at less than half that found on the surface.

James Hansen, the chief NASA scientist, tried to explain this discrepancy away by claiming that the missing heat was being stored in the ocean and that when a critical tipping point was reached, this latent heat would overwhelm us. He called this fantasy his “smoking gun.”

NPR recently disclosed another nail in the AGW coffin. In 2003, NASA initiated its ARGO system to monitor ocean temperature. They placed over 3000 robotic devices in the oceans around the world. These devices descend to over a mile deep for 10 days before rising slowly while measuring each strata layer’s temperature. At the surface they transmit their data to satellites which then relay the signals back to earth. The robots then return to their original depth and begin the cycle again. NPR reports that over this five-year period of measurements the robots have indicated a slight cooling in the oceans - a finding completely opposite to what computer models had predicted.

Once again the alarmist scientists refuse to believe what they are seeing and make excuses for the lack of supporting data. As in their previous failures, they cling to the illusion their models are correct, and the real data is false. This is the nonsense being used to destroy our economy and impoverish us all. How long will this foolishness be allowed to continue?

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