Thursday, November 15, 2007

Convenient Lies

Our federal government has spent more than $50 billion over the past 15 years trying to prove human CO2 emissions are causing global warming compared to the $16 million in private spending funding studies critical of the theory. Despite all this spending no conclusive proof has ever been found. No empirical research supports or validates the projections of computer models regarding climate sensitivity to CO2 forcing, whether human or natural in origin. Models consistently overstate observed warming by a factor of 3. I challenge those among the warming faithful to provide clear evidence demonstrating CO2 has caused recent climate changes. Give us actual proof – not phony claims of consensus.

Rational people would move on after coming up empty so many times. But articles of faith continue to uphold this theory even though real science does not. Grant-hungry scientists choose to remain in the virtual realm of computers while denying what the real world tells them. The high priests of this theology fly to all corners of the earth demanding that the rest of us stop flying. The UN, while decrying the environmental damage caused by jet contrails, is flying 12,500 delegates to a two week long festival – err, I mean climate conference – in the most luxurious resort found in Bali. Many of these rooms cost more than $1,000/night. But, after all, this is to safeguard the needs of the world’s poor.

I am astounded so many have succumbed to the mass psychosis engendered by this hoax. While so many con men are getting filthy rich running this scam, people continue to belly-up to the bar to help them. Local school teachers commit child abuse by turning 15 year old girls into mindless activists and scaring them into thinking that walking across a bridge will make a difference. Al Gore had a net worth of $1 million when the people of his home state of Tennessee had the good sense to deny him the presidency. Now, after seven years of promulgating convenient lies and making a minimum of $150,000 for closed one hour sessions of media-proof propaganda, he is worth $100 million! He has become the patron saint of the global warming faithful despite flunking out of Harvard’s Divinity School. Everyone says Gore is going to save the planet. That begs the question of who is going to save us from him?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Siren's Call

Although the cognitive dissonance of liberals limits them to religious zealotry and its attendant belief in man-made global warming, there may be some who haven’t yet succumbed to this siren’s call of hysteria. Even though liberals hate America and the capitalism that’s made her the greatest nation in history, and especially the oil that fuels this capitalism, maybe there are still some who are capable of reason.

Humans don’t cause global warming. CO2 doesn't cause temperature increases, it lags behind them as an effect. The oceans store CO2 in cooler conditions and then release it into the atmosphere when they warm - this is the earth's way of providing fertilizer for plants during the periods of warmth that are conducive to growth. CO2 is logarithmic in its heat absorbing capacity. This means that each successive unit of CO2 added to the atmosphere has less capacity to absorb heat than the one before it. The volume of CO2 in the atmosphere has already generated 75% of its total heat-trapping capacity and will soon be completely saturated meaning it cannot trap any additional warmth. Any additional increases in volume beyond this point will have absolutely no effect.

Even though alarmists can point to no empirical evidence supporting their nonsense they continue in their “Chicken Little” routines. They point to worthless computer models and refer to them as ‘science.’ Climate studies produced by the UN are fraudulent just as everything else this corrupt institution produces has been (Oil for Food!). Peer review in climate science is a joke as none of these studies can be replicated through the scientific method. The so-called scientists of these studies have not archived their data nor made available the algorithms used in their ridiculous computer models. Michael Mann, notorious for “The Hockey Stick” theory, used invalid tree rings in his study and censored data that demonstrated the 15th century was warmer than present. Phil Jones, whose work is still used by the UN to claim that the Urban Heat Island effect is not a significant factor in land-based temperature records, claims he cannot share the methods or data from his seminal research because they have been lost. Regardless, the UN still uses his results as primary evidence that humans are responsible for climate change.

The UN should stop using these fraudulent studies and renounce their corrupt attempts at establishing global governance through the abuse of climate science.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Moral of the Story

Warmer-in-Chief Al Gore tells us the fight against climate change is a moral crusade and encourages us all to do our part. The great German philosopher Emanuel Kant established a process known as the Categorical Imperative to help in determining what could be considered ‘moral.’ Essentially, that which is to be moral must be something we could will that everyone could do in similar fashion and we would still consider it moral in that it served the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Apparently, Gore’s morality applies only to other people and not himself.

It would take twenty years for most of us to use as much energy as Gore does in one year at his primary residence. Yet he is always on his soapbox telling the rest of us what we need to do to save energy. “It’s not that hard to do” he says while flying all over the earth telling the rest of us not to fly. He tells us to forgo use of fossil fuels while his family fortune has come from Occidental Oil Company. He preaches environmental sanctity while the zinc mine on his property paying him hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties is ranked one of the most polluted and toxic sites in the country. When the term hypocrite was coined they must have had Al Gore in mind. What an incredible charlatan.

Gore claims his extravagant energy use is “carbon neutral” because he uses clean energy and buys carbon offsets. Then it turns out he “buys” his offsets from Generation Investment Management which is a firm he founded and receives the “offsets” as a form of compensation. The company doesn’t offer the offsets itself, but rather invests, for profit, in so-called “Green” companies that do. Essentially, Gore buys stock in his own company and then claims that its returns are carbon offsets.

What would Kant say? If all of us performed as Gore does, consuming energy extravagantly and buying indulgences from others to forgive our own excesses (and who would these people be if all of us were behaving like Gore), would our actions still be considered moral? I guess just like his “legal” responsibilities at the 1996 Buddhist Temple fundraiser where he was soliciting, and collecting, money from Chinese communists he would sincerely look us in the eye and claim “there is no controlling moral authority.”

Hot Air

Now that the scientists on the Supreme Court have classified CO2 as a pollutant, the time to act has come. To help my liberal Democrat and environmental friends out, I would like to propose the following legislation as one small attempt to address the global warming problem. I call it “Three Breaths and You’re Out.”

This simple but forceful initiative will help to alleviate one of the major human problems causing CO2 – breathing. Since people (especially Republican capitalist conservatives) tend to be very selfish, they take many more breaths than they should. Studies have shown that Americans take at least 25% of all the breaths in the world despite being only 5% of the population. My proposal would encourage people to be more compassionate towards their fellow man by reducing their current 10-12 breaths per minute down to a more sensible level of 6-8 breaths. This is not as difficult as it may sound.

If people just chill a little, relax, and stop getting so worked up about silly things like work, family concerns, and blindly attacking countries we don’t like, we could easily hit these new breathing reduction targets. An additional benefit would also be provided to our economy. Industries such as Yoga and Transcendental Meditation would likely see huge growth spurts and their employment ranks could rapidly swell. Also, population control and reduction would be enhanced because heavy breathing was no longer tolerated.

Since we all know that voluntary proposals like this usually don’t work, the federal government will be happy to join in the effort. Once they make the program mandatory, any offender who exceeds the new breathing targets three times will have a plastic bag placed over his head. This will ensure compliance and avoid any future non-conformity.

While it is impossible to know how George Bush will respond (science hasn’t yet determined if mindless muttering increases or decreases CO2 output), the previous administration embodies the characteristics required to model behaviors that will make the program successful. Al Gore, the former VP, doctor, and Oscar winning actor for pretending to be a climatologist, has so much self-control he hasn’t taken a breath in several years. Although not able to match the yeoman feats of his former understudy, former President Bill Clinton at least goes halfway by not inhaling. With stalwart examples like these, how can any of us fail to do our part?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Debating Warmers

Debating warmers is very frustrating because they are so poorly informed. They claim the debate is over because scientists have reached consensus. This constitutes a logical fallacy known as appealing to authority. Moreover, science and consensus are mutually exclusive processes. Science is about questioning, experimenting, testing, and validating. Consensus is a political process of compromise and conformity.

Their letters of last week claimed authority from the UN’s IPCC report released earlier this month. They all overlooked that the science report they were supposedly quoting hasn’t even been completed yet, let alone published. Rather, the Summary for Policymakers written by government-paid delegates and bureaucrats is what had been released. The scientists who actually conducted the studies had no input or review of this political summary. Unsurprisingly, the reason these bureaucrats state they have 90% certainty that humans are driving climate change is because they openly state that the science report will be edited and modified to conform to the Summary’s statements before it is released. No field other than climate science could release a summary of a report that hadn’t yet been written and do so with a straight face. This is unabashed fraud.

The alarmists claim that the only explanation for the apparent increase in recent temperatures is because of human-generated CO2. Because the two events occur together, alarmists say nothing else can explain it. Here, they are committing the logical fallacy of confusing correlation with causation. This is nothing more than very shoddy critical thinking on the part of the alarmists.

With no evidence to support their claims, alarmists are desperate to silence critics. The Royal Society, closely in concert with Senators Rockefeller and Snowe, tried to intimidate Exxon-Mobil into halting funding for skeptical studies. Grist Magazine is calling for Nuremburg-style trials for “climate change deniers.” The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen thinks any meteorologist who questions human-driven global warming should be de-certified and denied employment. The Democrat governors of Oregon and Delaware are trying to fire their State Climatologists because they won’t proclaim the new state religion of global warming.

Studies demonstrating that oceans are losing heat content, and experimentally proving that cosmic rays and solar irradiance drive climate change, were not accepted for the UN’s report because of an arbitrary cutoff date. These studies would interfere with warmers ability to blame humans and to find capitalist witches to burn in atonement. Of course, this is New England.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

United Nations Fraud

As distressing as the global warming scam is for those who have not yet lost their minds, today’s release of the UN climate report takes the cake.  You will soon hear the latest tripe with nonsense like “the climate is changing even faster than we thought; we only have a very short time to take action; this overwhelming evidence isn’t just a smoking gun – it’s a smoking intergalactic missile; all the scientists agree; and the science is settled – the debate is over.”

This fear mongering will be found in the UN’s “Summary for Policymakers” report.  As you hear the media breathlessly churn this drivel out, keep in mind that this report is compiled by bureaucrats and politicians.  The scientists who have actually conducted the multitude of studies in the real report have no say in its composition.  In fact, the scientists’ report won’t be released until May.

Serious people may ask why the summary would be made public before the actual scientific report.  Well, hold on to your hat.  The UN prevaricators want to make sure the science that is reported is consistent with what they have said in the summary!  Any doubts remaining as to whether this is legit or a scam should become clear by this shameless process.  Imagine a company making financial claims for potential investors, but withholding the actual data until they can revise the financial results to make them consistent with their initial promotion statements!  Can you say Enron?

Despite the hysterical claims you will hear, the draft science report cuts their previously projected claims of sea level and temperature increases by 50% each, and states that cow flatulence produces more greenhouse gases than all human transportation activities combined.  Rest assured you won’t hear any of this reported by the media.

Since the UN’s last climate report in 2001, we’ve been told the temperature increase from the late 19th century until the present is .6 degrees Celsius.  The global mean temperature is estimated to be 14 +/- .7 degrees Celsius.  This means the estimated increase in temperature over the last 150 years that we’re all supposed to be concerned about, and from which catastrophe is certain, is less than the margin of error for one year!

C’mon people – grow a brain!  Anyone who subscribes to this absurdity should wear a sign around their neck that says, “Forgive me, I’ve lost the capacity for critical thought.”