Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton's Meltdown

President Clinton’s meltdown on Fox News indicates ABC’s “Path to 9/11” hit a sore spot while understating his incompetence regarding national security.

After his election he celebrated the “Peace Dividend” by slashing one-third of our military personnel and transferring that spending to social programs – now he blames Bush for insufficient troop strength.  Clinton claimed on FNC he did more to take out bin Laden than anyone else.  Not true.  Yemen and Sudan separately offered bin Laden on a silver platter but Clinton refused to take him.  Clinton denies this despite the account of Mansoor Ijaz who brokered the deals.  Clinton was also recorded on tape claiming he refused these deals because he had no legal justification to hold bin Laden.

If you read “Dereliction of Duty” by Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson you will be aghast at Clinton’s neglect while entrusted with safeguarding our security.  This first hand account by a man who carried the Nuclear Football details egregious behavior by Clinton.  He recounts how our forces had bin Laden in their sights and were seeking Clinton’s authorization to take him out.  Patterson was the conduit between the military command and Clinton who was attending a PGA golf tournament.  Clinton kept avoiding making a decision despite Patterson’s urgent pleading.  By the time Clinton found his nerve the opportunity had passed.  On another occasion, Clinton lost the card containing the secret codes required to launch our nuclear weapons while he was out in public.
Clinton’s administration failed us miserably.  Jaime Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General and inexplicable member of the 9/11 Commission, built the wall preventing law enforcement and intelligence agencies from sharing information.  This enabled the 9/11 terrorists in this country to evade detection.  Following the bombings of the 1993 WTC, the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassies, the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and the USS Cole, Clinton did nothing but lob a couple of cruise missiles hitting a deserted terrorist training camp in Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in Sudan.

Evidently, Clinton was more interested in chasing female subordinates than the enemies threatening our country.  Now, he and his fellow Democrats are more interested in fighting global warming than Islamofacism.  Democrats apparently think hiding under the bed waiting for the monster to disappear is an effective strategy for fighting terrorism.  Maybe the monster will be gone in the morning when we get up.  Do you want to wait to find out?

Monday, September 18, 2006

North to Alaska

Having just returned from a two week trip to Alaska, I’ve been catching up with the past few Rivereasts.  Boy, my ears should’ve been burning as I’ve stirred up the Church of the Holy Warmers.

Alaska serves as a poster child for the Warmer faithful.  “The permafrost is melting and glaciers are retreating” are common refrains from the Book of Common Talking Points.  While exploring Glacier Bay I found as many advancing glaciers as retreating ones.  Wonder why we don’t hear about that?  The National Park Ranger said she believed the entire area would once again be covered by ice within 300 years.

Close to Fairbanks I learned of someone who tried to establish a farm by thawing the nutrition-rich permafrost.  His attempt failed because the permafrost kept re-freezing.  Fall came two weeks early this year.  Shops were closing for the season and summer workers were heading south as quickly as possible.  The river levels in Fairbanks were dropping because the glaciers providing the water were freezing.

I had dinner with a scientist whose work in meteorology and climatology has spanned over 40 years.  He still works as a climate scientist for the federal government.  I asked him point blank if he subscribed to the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming.  Taken aback by my question, after looking left and right, he sheepishly whispered, “What a bunch of nonsense, it’s all political.”  He went on to explain how variable climate is and always has been.  As a meteorologist, he also expressed his extreme skepticism about the utility and veracity of computer models as tools for predicting future climate.

Space doesn’t allow a point by point refutation of the responses to my letters.  I am disappointed by the lack of robust debate and critical thinking demonstrated in most of the responses.  Those who want to pursue and discover truth need to break away from their groupthink and start perusing diverse and alternative sources for their information.  Otherwise, they will be stuck in the party line only to serve in the role of useful idiots.

Enjoy the echo chamber you’ve built while you can with its concomitant doctrines of settled science and disappearing skeptics.  The new science and empirical evidence emerging almost daily will soon cause this myth to collapse of its own weight.