Saturday, October 17, 2009

There are two basic changes we could make that would bring about drastic change immediately. We need to discontinue the system of welfare as currently administrated, and we need to make every adult living in this country pay income tax.

Many people complain about the unfairness of big government's practice of income redistribution. However, the real problem is the redistribution of consequences. We take the fruit away from people who have done things right and have successfully generated good outcomes, and give them to those who have had no part in these efforts. Then, we take the bad fruit away from those who have made mistakes, done stupid things, or have not done anything at all, and place these troubles or costs on the backs of those who have done good things and worked hard to avoid the bad outcomes.

What else can come out of this other than having successful people become discouraged at working hard only to have a third party step in and steal the accomplishment from them. And why would those with bad consequences have any motivation to change their behavior when they not only are awarded with things they had no part in earning that were confiscated from others, but see the consequences of their inadequacies and stupidity taken away from them and placed as a burden on others?

Why should anyone who contributes nothing to the system have a right to vote for actions that steal property from others so it can be given to them? This is theft plain and simple. People who do this, and politicians who support it, should be seen as criminals and treated as such. Why would anyone who contributes nothing ever vote against any proposal or legislation that gives them benefits from their neighbor's pocket? Anyone who doesn't work, and anyone who doesn't pay taxes, should receive nothing from anyone that isn't a product of charity. And charity is something that should be provided voluntarily with expectations that it is only being given as a hand up, not a prop.

As if these practices are not bad enough, big government actually provides incentives for people to generate bad consequences by awarding them for bad behavior. Why do we provide benefits for teenage girls to have babies without any father being held responsible. We are told not to make moral judgments about how others live and to mind our own business. This would actually be a good thing if we weren't forced to make it our business once the irresponsible behaviors produce bad consequences that are then given to us.

Why should teenage girls be given welfare benefits consisting of food, housing, child care, and vocational training just because they behaved poorly? If it is forced upon us to provide all of these things for these girls who have babies they can't care for, and to in effect help to raise them, then we should perform this responsibility in a more effective fashion. The young children should be taken away from these irresponsible girls and raised in orphanages where they can be educated, given guidance, and socialized within a context of values. To leave them in the welfare cesspools like we do currently, only guarantees a perpetual stream of dysfunction.

We need to get back to the old fashioned notion of "no work, no eat." Provide for your own way, or get out of the way.