Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Loyal Opposition

The "Loyal Opposition" was an expression used to describe the political party not in power during times of stress and crisis. It denoted that although disagreements existed regarding the means of addressing problems, we were still united as a nation towards the end that was sought. The guiding principle of this spirit was that "politics stops at the water's edge" and we presented a united face to the world.

This expression is no longer a valid way to describe the modern Democrat Party. Since losing its majority status a decade ago, a state of being perceived by Democrats as their birthright, they have become increasingly unhinged. In their relentless lust and desire to bring failure to Republicans, they have lost all perspective and regard for our national welfare.

They have craved bad news from any source in the hopes of regaining the power they believe was stolen from them. Bad economic news, social decay, and astoundingly, even military setbacks, are music to Democrat ears. The consequences that accompany these misfortunes are of no concern to them - the only thing that registers is the hope for a return to their glory days.

How could Representative John Murtha (D-PA) claim we couldn't win in Iraq and demand immediate withdrawal of our troops only 3 weeks before the crucial elections that could seal our victory there? If he truly felt this way, why couldn't he have waited until the election had taken place to express his opinion? The answer is clear. Democrats are terrified that Bush's strategy, the one they have done everything possible to disrupt from the very beginning, is going to succeed and America will be victorious.

Murtha, ostensibly regarded as strong on defense, was chosen by the party leadership to try and sabotage the success of the election and undermine the spirit of the Iraqi people and the will and resolve of our troops. Democrats are afraid that an American success in the war on terror will be credited to Republicans, and will obstruct their return to power.

It would be very difficult to find a more disgraceful episode in American history than the Democrat behavior through this time of crisis. Their sedition warrants they should never again be entrusted with the mantle of power. The American people should demand that Democrats hang their heads in shame.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Imagine, if you can, a united America expressing steadfast resolve on winning the battle in Iraq. If this was an actuality, rather than a fantasy, the fight would already be over and we would have won.

Unfortunately, Democrats have decided that finding any means of regaining their political power is more important than honoring the traditional American spirit of presenting a united face to the world by making “politics stop at the water’s edge.”

Having absolutely no ideas or agenda that justify giving them back the mantle of power, they have focused on bringing about defeat in any, and every, direction they can find for an America currently presided over by their political opponents. Whether it is a military, economic, spiritual, or societal defeat, they crave any of these outcomes that could serve as instruments of their return to power. So lustful are they for these outcomes, they are completely inured as to what the nature of the consequences would be to bring them about. This is sad and pathetic and ever so illustrative as to why this eventuality must never be allowed to occur.

Were we to withdraw from Iraq, so close to accomplishing our overarching goals, our enemies would claim a resounding victory and once again state that Americans are weak and have no stomach for a real fight. This would serve as the greatest recruiting tool possible and would embolden Islamofascism all over the world. It would even inspire the fifth columns, already dormant within our shores, to rise up and begin to unleash their turmoil upon our people.

We better wake up and recognize the enemy we face, and that we’re in a fight for our lives and the survival of our way of life.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


What on earth is going on with the Democrat party. Are they so consumed with getting their power back that they have no regard for our national interest? At every turn, a Democrat (henceforth called Demoncrat) is talking down American effort. It doesn’t matter what venue we’re dealing with, the Demoncrats are actively working against our national interests. And they want their power back!

First, we have former Demoncrat presidents Carter and Clinton taking every opportunity to talk down President Bush. Amazingly, Clinton once again protested against America on foreign soil. While talking to an audience in the United Arab Emirates, he proudly declared that “we made a mistake in attacking Iraq” to a standing applause. This was a re-enactment of his glory days where he protested on foreign soil during the Vietnam War. Liberals, who are so consumed with whether George Bush finessed his way out of the ending assignments of his obsoleted Air National Guard service during the latter years of Vietnam, never cared that Clinton was a draft dodger who had committed the felony of protesting on foreign soil. They always have a way of showing their true colors, and that what they are saying at the moment has nothing to do with who they are and what they truly are trying to accomplish. It also is of no import to them that their hero, prevaricator Clinton, made regime change in Iraq the official policy of the United States government in 1998. This inconvenient fact is just ignored along with the statements of all of Bush’s antagonists such as Kennedy and Kerry who also talked about the danger of Saddam and his quest for WMD in 1998. But as far as all of these intellectual geniuses on the Left are concerned today, it’s “never mind!” History begins every morning for these contemptuous men.

Whatever happened to the traditional adages holding that politics stops at the water’s edge, and that former presidents don’t criticize their successors. Apparently, these protocols only apply to Republicans, and former failed Demoncrat presidents are exempted. These two pathetic jokes are so despondent over their well-deserved legacies that they will never quit their futile attempts to rewrite history. So what if they cause damage to our country and our brave fighting men putting their lives on the line; this is what they have always done so why worry about it now? As they say, a leopard can’t change its spots.

Demoncrats wake up every morning and pray for our country to fail. Do they really want us to fail? Probably not, but they are so consumed with finding any way to get their power back, something they consider their ordained birthright, that they don’t really care if it hurts our country. They figure they can fix things once they are back in control. As long as they are out of power they believe that anything that is good for our country is bad for them, and conversely, anything bad for our country is good for them. They are despicable creatures and should never again be allowed anywhere near a source of power.

They are happy when the economy falters, when people are losing their jobs, and when our brave service men and women are losing their lives. The end justifies the means, and if misfortune ravaging America results in a return to power by Demoncrats, than so be it.

John Murtha calling for an immediate pullout of our military forces from Iraq is but the latest example of this. This sorry excuse for a human being lived through Vietnam and should have the decency of admitting what our pullout did there. Millions of innocent people were murdered in the ensuing bloodshed that followed. While we never lost a single military engagement, Demoncrat treachery encouraged the Communist scum to persevere in the belief and confidence that with Kennedy and Kerry’s help they could ultimately defeat us politically. History bore this disgusting chain of events out. Now, the same contemptible people are going for an encore.

If the American people don’t react with disgust to these reptilian creatures, it is my fear that the obituary for our country is being written. As weak-kneed and spineless as our current crop of Republican congressmen are, they are a better choice than the seditious Demoncrats. If this was a couple hundred years ago, they would all be pulled out in the streets and horse-whipped, tarred and feathered, and then run out of town on a rail. Oh well, one can only dream about the good old days.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Clowns and Fools

Sometimes it is hard to know who leaves more to be desired; politicians or the citizenry.  We should know by definition that our beloved pols will pander anytime they feel it is in their interest, especially when they are confident no one will call them on it.  Although there are many occasions to see politicians treating us like we’re stupid, it is very prominently displayed when the subject is energy.

How can we let them get away with doing everything possible to screw up energy exploration and development, putting hurdles every step of the way for the energy companies, and then having the audacity to cry foul when price increases accompany tight supplies?  It defies comprehension that they can get away with this when they are largely the blame.

I don’t expect intelligence from Democrat politicians.  Sacrificing our national well-being and interest doesn’t matter to them if it serves as the means for getting their coveted power back.  But I do get distressed when we have so many members of the Stupid Party who seem to gain great joy in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  With the political advantage of numbers guaranteeing them the day if only they hold the line, they never fail to break ranks at the first sign of trouble and run for the tall grass.  They are a disgraceful embarrassment.

Our most recent price and supply spike for oil came about when the double-whammy hurricanes hit the Gulf region.  Because of the inanity of our politicians, and the facade of green skin by our red-hearted enviros, we have all of our eggs in one basket with having most of our oil production located in one area.  This was a disaster just waiting to happen.  The offshore oil rigs don’t even have to be taken out by the storm.  All that is required is the threat which then necessitates the oil companies taking steps to protect the lives of their workers and abandon the rigs until the danger has passed.

If we had other viable sources for production we could absorb temporary outages like this without blinking.  The rich oil fields of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge were approved for development by legislation passed by Congress in 1995.  In typical Democrat fashion, catering to his constituencies rather than the national interest, President Clinton vetoed the action.  We would have already been enjoying the availability of over one million barrels a day from there if he had done what was right.  Also, we have large reserves off of both coasts and all around Florida that have been kept off limits.

We were ready to exercise the spoils of victory by using our political advantage to open these areas to development in response to the disruptions we’ve just been through.  Everyone is clamoring for something to be done to address the situation.  What do our pols do?  Nothing that will provide relief!  They call the oil company CEOs in for show trials to harass them and belittle them for being successful in their businesses.  But in the area where they could actually do some good and address the supply situation, they punt.  Apparently, the RINO members of the Stupid Party would rather rant and rave, and stamp their feet, instead of actually doing something worthwhile in protecting our national interests.

These pitiful specimens, like Rob Simmons, Christopher Shays, and Nancy Johnson have shown they have a much greater capacity for stupidity than for ever being able to provide anything of value.  I hope they enjoy their brief moments in the spotlight.  The party faithful they have just betrayed will probably decide to just stay home in the next election and let the professional idiots (AKA Democrats) take over.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Toast

Hardly anyone of the liberal persuasion understands what is really going on with the riots in France. In typical fashion, they have framed the event according to their jaded world view as arising from the impoverishment and disenfranchisement of the "youths" of North African descent. It is not these hoodlums who are to blame, but rather French society. Also, in true French fashion, the government's response comes in the form of looking for someone they can surrender to.

What is actually happening is that we're being given a glimpse of the Religion of Peace starting to feel their oats. They are stretching out, eager to "reclaim" Europe as their own rightful place. They aren't suffering and being excluded because France has not allowed them to assimilate. These Muslim thugs have no interest in assimilation and becoming French. They are going to make France and the rest of Europe their own. As they gain the sense of their developing critical mass, they will increasingly assert their confidence and seek to impose their will on those original inhabitants around them whom they see as weak and decadent. How can you blame them for this attitude when their first opponents are the French?

After two weeks of nightly mayhem where cars, schools, and churches have been burned to show Muslim contempt for the native culture, the enlightened French people have taken to the streets, not to resist these marauders and quell their rebellion, but to appeal to their higher natures and seek non-violent and beneficial dialogue. It is truly breathtaking to behold this suicidal lunacy on the part of the French. It is difficult to understand how they ever built what, 300 years ago, was a great nation.

Now France and most of Europe, indeed most of the Western World including many Americans, are allowing themselves to be reverse-colonized. Muslim fanatics, with no respect, appreciation, or gratitude for the host country, are moving in and increasing their presence in stealth fashion. When they are of sufficient number, and the signal is given, they will awaken from their seeming slumber and murder us in our beds. Fortunately for us, the impetuosity of youth is prematurely showing us the cards in their hand. Are enough of us paying attention?