Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Imagine, if you can, a united America expressing steadfast resolve on winning the battle in Iraq. If this was an actuality, rather than a fantasy, the fight would already be over and we would have won.

Unfortunately, Democrats have decided that finding any means of regaining their political power is more important than honoring the traditional American spirit of presenting a united face to the world by making “politics stop at the water’s edge.”

Having absolutely no ideas or agenda that justify giving them back the mantle of power, they have focused on bringing about defeat in any, and every, direction they can find for an America currently presided over by their political opponents. Whether it is a military, economic, spiritual, or societal defeat, they crave any of these outcomes that could serve as instruments of their return to power. So lustful are they for these outcomes, they are completely inured as to what the nature of the consequences would be to bring them about. This is sad and pathetic and ever so illustrative as to why this eventuality must never be allowed to occur.

Were we to withdraw from Iraq, so close to accomplishing our overarching goals, our enemies would claim a resounding victory and once again state that Americans are weak and have no stomach for a real fight. This would serve as the greatest recruiting tool possible and would embolden Islamofascism all over the world. It would even inspire the fifth columns, already dormant within our shores, to rise up and begin to unleash their turmoil upon our people.

We better wake up and recognize the enemy we face, and that we’re in a fight for our lives and the survival of our way of life.

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