Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Toast

Hardly anyone of the liberal persuasion understands what is really going on with the riots in France. In typical fashion, they have framed the event according to their jaded world view as arising from the impoverishment and disenfranchisement of the "youths" of North African descent. It is not these hoodlums who are to blame, but rather French society. Also, in true French fashion, the government's response comes in the form of looking for someone they can surrender to.

What is actually happening is that we're being given a glimpse of the Religion of Peace starting to feel their oats. They are stretching out, eager to "reclaim" Europe as their own rightful place. They aren't suffering and being excluded because France has not allowed them to assimilate. These Muslim thugs have no interest in assimilation and becoming French. They are going to make France and the rest of Europe their own. As they gain the sense of their developing critical mass, they will increasingly assert their confidence and seek to impose their will on those original inhabitants around them whom they see as weak and decadent. How can you blame them for this attitude when their first opponents are the French?

After two weeks of nightly mayhem where cars, schools, and churches have been burned to show Muslim contempt for the native culture, the enlightened French people have taken to the streets, not to resist these marauders and quell their rebellion, but to appeal to their higher natures and seek non-violent and beneficial dialogue. It is truly breathtaking to behold this suicidal lunacy on the part of the French. It is difficult to understand how they ever built what, 300 years ago, was a great nation.

Now France and most of Europe, indeed most of the Western World including many Americans, are allowing themselves to be reverse-colonized. Muslim fanatics, with no respect, appreciation, or gratitude for the host country, are moving in and increasing their presence in stealth fashion. When they are of sufficient number, and the signal is given, they will awaken from their seeming slumber and murder us in our beds. Fortunately for us, the impetuosity of youth is prematurely showing us the cards in their hand. Are enough of us paying attention?

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