Tuesday, January 30, 2007

United Nations Fraud

As distressing as the global warming scam is for those who have not yet lost their minds, today’s release of the UN climate report takes the cake.  You will soon hear the latest tripe with nonsense like “the climate is changing even faster than we thought; we only have a very short time to take action; this overwhelming evidence isn’t just a smoking gun – it’s a smoking intergalactic missile; all the scientists agree; and the science is settled – the debate is over.”

This fear mongering will be found in the UN’s “Summary for Policymakers” report.  As you hear the media breathlessly churn this drivel out, keep in mind that this report is compiled by bureaucrats and politicians.  The scientists who have actually conducted the multitude of studies in the real report have no say in its composition.  In fact, the scientists’ report won’t be released until May.

Serious people may ask why the summary would be made public before the actual scientific report.  Well, hold on to your hat.  The UN prevaricators want to make sure the science that is reported is consistent with what they have said in the summary!  Any doubts remaining as to whether this is legit or a scam should become clear by this shameless process.  Imagine a company making financial claims for potential investors, but withholding the actual data until they can revise the financial results to make them consistent with their initial promotion statements!  Can you say Enron?

Despite the hysterical claims you will hear, the draft science report cuts their previously projected claims of sea level and temperature increases by 50% each, and states that cow flatulence produces more greenhouse gases than all human transportation activities combined.  Rest assured you won’t hear any of this reported by the media.

Since the UN’s last climate report in 2001, we’ve been told the temperature increase from the late 19th century until the present is .6 degrees Celsius.  The global mean temperature is estimated to be 14 +/- .7 degrees Celsius.  This means the estimated increase in temperature over the last 150 years that we’re all supposed to be concerned about, and from which catastrophe is certain, is less than the margin of error for one year!

C’mon people – grow a brain!  Anyone who subscribes to this absurdity should wear a sign around their neck that says, “Forgive me, I’ve lost the capacity for critical thought.”