Saturday, April 28, 2007

Siren's Call

Although the cognitive dissonance of liberals limits them to religious zealotry and its attendant belief in man-made global warming, there may be some who haven’t yet succumbed to this siren’s call of hysteria. Even though liberals hate America and the capitalism that’s made her the greatest nation in history, and especially the oil that fuels this capitalism, maybe there are still some who are capable of reason.

Humans don’t cause global warming. CO2 doesn't cause temperature increases, it lags behind them as an effect. The oceans store CO2 in cooler conditions and then release it into the atmosphere when they warm - this is the earth's way of providing fertilizer for plants during the periods of warmth that are conducive to growth. CO2 is logarithmic in its heat absorbing capacity. This means that each successive unit of CO2 added to the atmosphere has less capacity to absorb heat than the one before it. The volume of CO2 in the atmosphere has already generated 75% of its total heat-trapping capacity and will soon be completely saturated meaning it cannot trap any additional warmth. Any additional increases in volume beyond this point will have absolutely no effect.

Even though alarmists can point to no empirical evidence supporting their nonsense they continue in their “Chicken Little” routines. They point to worthless computer models and refer to them as ‘science.’ Climate studies produced by the UN are fraudulent just as everything else this corrupt institution produces has been (Oil for Food!). Peer review in climate science is a joke as none of these studies can be replicated through the scientific method. The so-called scientists of these studies have not archived their data nor made available the algorithms used in their ridiculous computer models. Michael Mann, notorious for “The Hockey Stick” theory, used invalid tree rings in his study and censored data that demonstrated the 15th century was warmer than present. Phil Jones, whose work is still used by the UN to claim that the Urban Heat Island effect is not a significant factor in land-based temperature records, claims he cannot share the methods or data from his seminal research because they have been lost. Regardless, the UN still uses his results as primary evidence that humans are responsible for climate change.

The UN should stop using these fraudulent studies and renounce their corrupt attempts at establishing global governance through the abuse of climate science.

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