Thursday, November 15, 2007

Convenient Lies

Our federal government has spent more than $50 billion over the past 15 years trying to prove human CO2 emissions are causing global warming compared to the $16 million in private spending funding studies critical of the theory. Despite all this spending no conclusive proof has ever been found. No empirical research supports or validates the projections of computer models regarding climate sensitivity to CO2 forcing, whether human or natural in origin. Models consistently overstate observed warming by a factor of 3. I challenge those among the warming faithful to provide clear evidence demonstrating CO2 has caused recent climate changes. Give us actual proof – not phony claims of consensus.

Rational people would move on after coming up empty so many times. But articles of faith continue to uphold this theory even though real science does not. Grant-hungry scientists choose to remain in the virtual realm of computers while denying what the real world tells them. The high priests of this theology fly to all corners of the earth demanding that the rest of us stop flying. The UN, while decrying the environmental damage caused by jet contrails, is flying 12,500 delegates to a two week long festival – err, I mean climate conference – in the most luxurious resort found in Bali. Many of these rooms cost more than $1,000/night. But, after all, this is to safeguard the needs of the world’s poor.

I am astounded so many have succumbed to the mass psychosis engendered by this hoax. While so many con men are getting filthy rich running this scam, people continue to belly-up to the bar to help them. Local school teachers commit child abuse by turning 15 year old girls into mindless activists and scaring them into thinking that walking across a bridge will make a difference. Al Gore had a net worth of $1 million when the people of his home state of Tennessee had the good sense to deny him the presidency. Now, after seven years of promulgating convenient lies and making a minimum of $150,000 for closed one hour sessions of media-proof propaganda, he is worth $100 million! He has become the patron saint of the global warming faithful despite flunking out of Harvard’s Divinity School. Everyone says Gore is going to save the planet. That begs the question of who is going to save us from him?

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