Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crazy Critics

Proponents of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) are always claiming critics of their theory are in such a minority all of them could fit inside a telephone booth. They add to their version of a scientific argument by describing these critics as people who still believe the earth is flat and that the moon landing was actually staged in Arizona. Topping this off they state any of their remaining critics not plain crazy are nothing more than shills paid off by the oil industry. These global warm-mongers would have you believe no reasonable person in his right mind, and certainly no respected scientist, have any doubts whatsoever about their theory.

Apparently, the false prophets of global warming aren’t as sure of themselves as they let on. A group of them, led by high priest Al Gore, are spending $300 million in an attempt to make the minds of a recalcitrant American public right. Putting his money where his mouth is, almost-President Gore is contributing three million of his $100 million dollar AGW-derived fortune into this venture. What isn’t clear, and what his adoring acolytes in the mainstream media don’t seem to care about, is where the remaining $297 million funding this campaign to convince the already-convinced public is coming from.

Could it be coming from Gore’s fellow-traveling hucksters eager to cash in on his organized crime-like scam while it lasts? What a great deal – forcing businesses to buy credits to buy and trade hot air while a dumbed-down public is already primed to blame oil companies for all the consequential increase in costs! A public so eager to punish corporate America but too stupid to realize it is they, themselves, who will actually pay the cost.

Clearly these mob-like conspirators realize their time is running short. The ever-increasing body of empirically-observed evidence indicates much too clearly that CO2 has very little impact with actual changes in temperature. They must sell their scam before a distracted public catches on and wises up to the fact they’re being played.

Unfortunately for us, our politicians are just now realizing the benefits conferred to them by this scam. With Bush the Chimpmeister in lead, they are ready to place costs on our heads like we’ve never seen. Can you believe $4/gallon before June?

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