Saturday, March 29, 2008

Carbon Faking

Lost in the politically correct rush to save the planet from global warming is the distinct possibility that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with climate change. New studies arrive almost everyday demonstrating the implausibility that CO2 is the culprit environmentalists and UN lackey scientists claim, while these same snake oil salesmen can’t produce one shred of evidence based on observation and science that it is.

Within the next several years we will know for sure that CO2 emissions have nothing to do with climate change, but the damage currently being done by the anti-capitalist witch burners will have produced untold miseries and deprivations upon the humanity they despise so dearly. Real scientists, who actually adhere to the scientific method, are sadly convinced that the sun is entering a period of inactivity not seen in 300 years. The unfortunate consequence of this is that we are going to enter a cooling period lasting at least several decades.

At a time when we should be exploiting every source of existing energy we have and finding more effective and efficient ways of producing it, we are instead shutting exploration and development down at the behest of false prophets like Al Gore who promise fairy tale fantasies of alternative fuels. Among the most egregious of these falsehoods are the government’s incentives and mandates promoting the use of ethanol.

Ethanol produces as much CO2 as oil and is only fractionally as efficient. This means that you will use more fuel with ethanol to go the same distance as you formerly could with pure gasoline. Corn withdraws more nutrients from the soil than almost any other crop. Farmers used to carefully rotate the fields used for growing corn so as to minimize this shortcoming. The perverse incentives generated by government mean more farm land is being devoted to corn than before, Land that was used for food, and incredible amounts of land that had been returned to forest, are now inefficiently being utilized for growing biofuels .

We are on the verge of an ecological catastrophe due to this lunacy. When the inevitable cooling period begins, we will have famines the likes of which haven’t been seen in generations. Because there are now so many more mouths to feed in the world, the starvation threatened years ago by the Paul Erlich’s of the world will become intentional self-fulfilling prophecies. Environmentalists will be responsible for this calamity.

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