Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ask the Democrats

(When our children grow up they will want to ask today’s Democrats about 2006):

How come while claiming to love our country and support our military you did everything possible to undermine our war effort?  Instead of presenting a united front to our enemies and letting politics end at the water’s edge (an American tradition), you gave encouragement for them to continue in their efforts to destroy us.  For cheap political gain you made them realize they didn’t need to defeat our military because with your help all they had to do was defeat our resolve.  You made certain we could never again be victorious in any conflict lasting more than a couple of weeks.

How come while marching in the 1970’s to successfully abolish an unfair and unjust military draft, you then wanted to re-impose it on our young people?  While at first purporting that this would help the under-staffed military (whose size had been cut by Democrats), you revealed the real purpose was to breed dissent among society to undermine the war effort.  You wanted to impose your will on our young people only to gain a political end.  I thought you said you supported the military?

How come you blamed Bush and Republicans for the increasing national debt when everyone saw the federal treasury as a bottomless pit to fund all their pet projects and programs?  How come you opposed letting people keep more of their own money through tax cuts that actually increased revenues to the treasury?  How come you opposed Social Security reform that would’ve given me a chance to prepare for my retirement instead of adding deficits that dwarfed the national debt?  Now you expect me to pay ever higher taxes to fund your Social Security while I have no company pension and Social Security won’t be there for me!  I thought you said you cared about the children?

If you cared about children, how come you killed 43 million of them through your party’s sacrament of abortion?  How come you were worried about the non-existent torture of terrorists but you proudly supported the partial birth abortion which ripped children to pieces moments before their birth?  I’m confused, but I do feel lucky you allowed me to be born.

When I look at all the misery Democrat policies have caused I don’t understand how anyone could’ve ever voted for them.