Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Heat Wave

While alarmists blame this summer’s heat wave on global warming, the warmest July on record was 1936.  How could this have happened before significant increases in CO2 took place?  

Only 12 states have set all-time record highs during the last 30 years while 16 set record lows.  Thirty-three states set their all-time highs during and prior to the 1930’s with fourteen setting their record high in 1936 alone.

Keep these facts in mind the next time you hear claims of unprecedented warming and of untold heat waves yet to come.  Did you know the average global temperature has not increased since 1998 and has actually demonstrated a very slight cooling trend?  Of course you didn’t because this unpleasant fact doesn’t fit the agenda of the global warming industry.

These people have huge financial stakes in selling this lie to an unwitting public.  Legions of scientists have their livelihoods and careers dependent on getting shares of the billions doled out by government every year for climate change research.  The funding goes to those who present the direst scenarios.  There is also a burgeoning carbon cap and trading industry fashioned from the Kyoto Protocol that essentially does nothing more than sell hot air.

While these same charlatans accuse their skeptical opponents of being owned by the oil industry, clearly it is they who are the paid shills.  Industry funding is an infinitesimal fraction of that spewing from the government with their unbridled use of our tax dollars.  Most of the skeptics are actually retired scientists who are immune to the blacklisting taking place against those active scientists who are apostates from the theology of global warming.  When the alarmists cry they are being censored, their claims ring hollow.  This really is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.  As they say, follow the money.

The rhetoric is heating up because alarmists know time is running out.  They claim we’re near a tipping point, but for an entirely different reason.  The sun, which is the real driver of climate, is forecast by NASA to hit a low point in 2020 not seen in several hundred years.  This decline in sunspot activity will bring about a cooling which really is a cause for worry.  We cannot alter this fact.  We must adapt to the changes that come.  Following the current alarmist prescription of higher-priced energy is not a viable approach.